Wednesday, June 18, 2008

what's new with the christ's : )

so much has been happening over here. it is like going in warp speed!
callie turned 2 years old, super cutie, getting an attitude for sure. we are trying to get her potty trained, some days are better than others. if anyone has any cool tricks to share, please do!
we have tried: m&m's , stickers, dora anything, princess panties and pj's . and i am sure a few other things.
we Need to get her trained because having 2 kids in diapers at once is EXPENSIVE!
hahaha, we knew what we were in for, but really we didn't KNOW until you KNOW!
ya know!

carly is getting so big, 8 months old, 6 teeth, crawling and sitting so well!
she laughs all the time and is playing with callie so cute. she pulls her hair and i never tell her no cause i figure it is just pay backs from all the times callie smothers her and lays on top of her.
yes - i find her laying on her. it freaks me out. yes i am watching my girls but you know how quick they are to do crazy things !

with jason and i things are great, we are busy keeping up with the girls who are constantly moving : ) and doing well with our photography business. now that the weather is getting better, we can do more outdoor shoots- i love outdoor shoots!

WE ARE GOING TO MAUI!!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!! 2 more weeks!

i am sure i will send some images over!
i will be laying in the sun and sleeping all night without getting woke up by my girls!
i am really looking forward to a little break with my best friend ( jason ) by my side, we love hawaii.

we have been there a lot.


Julie said...

yay for hawaii! wish were were you. :)

Julie said...

'we were you'

jlchristblog said...

; )

i can't believe it is already here!