Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my cover girl

callie got another cover shot. just wanted to share!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

wow! can you believe it!!!

i haven't updated this since september! how sad. i have been busy, will post lots of recent shots .

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

new pics of the girls

here are some recent shot. they haven't been too into pics lately, but here you go!


we have been a bit busy with life that i haven't even checked this in a while!
i will have to do better!
: -)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're Back!!

Had a great time in Maui, glad to be home though, to see the girls and snuggle with them. It is crazy how you can miss the smells of your kids and their squishy touch, with perfect soft skin, and the cutest little voices and giggles. callie was sooooooo cute when she saw us , she could hardly contain herself, arms stretched out wiggling fast to give us hugs and kisses! i haven't ever seen that BIG of a smile on her before. She loves us and missed us! Carly is getting so big! nearly in her sisters clothes ( size 2 ) and she is only 8 months! : ) she has perfected the super crawl, getting really fast. At home i was looking for her and noticed callie left her sandal on the second step of our stairs and where was carly?? well she crawled over and sat on the first step!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh! that scared me! i couldn't believe she could do that already ...

i will post some pics of the beautiful maui sunsets and also a turtle we swam with at Black Rock.
so fun!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Maui Maui Maui!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, i think i am finally getting excited.... not sure why it is taking me so long....
maybe cause i feel a tad bit guilty cause we could really use the money elsewhere ( we planned this trip last year nearly a year ago ) and things were different even just a year ago with gas prices and everything else : )
also i recently ( does 8 months still count as recent !!!??? ) had my 2nd baby in 2 years, so i am not exactly where i want to be health and fitness wise. anyway, i have been tanning all month and i am actually getting brown! normally i am really white and freckly . so here we are 3 nights from our trip, i haven't packed, not sure what to take, wear all that stuff!!! but what i do know is that i want to shop for Roxy Girl clothes for my super sweet girls: ) i love the surfer clothes for toddlers and babies! they are so cute.
i love shopping for them . that is most likely where my suvenior money will go!
next time i post you will get to hopefully see a beautiful Hawaiian Sunset!

: )

sweet nieces!

our very dear nieces have been visiting and i just wanted to share!
they have been such great helpers, trying to get callie potty trained and are the sweetest girls ever!
we have had so much fun going to the zoo, the parks, fort vancouver and the mall!!!
here are a couple of shots to see -