Saturday, October 13, 2007

okay... so what's your secret???

i can't seem to get callie into her new bed! she thinks it is some kind of game and soooooooo funny! ( although i am not the one laughing! ) so mom's please do tell! after i try for a while with no sucess, she ends up in her crib where she doesn't fuss, complain or nothing and then....... she is OUT! fast asleep.
i so wanted her to be in her new bedroom BEFORE the baby came....... doesn't look like that is going to happen!

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Lee Ann said...

My advice is don't push it. I also was able to take the side off the crib and just put a bed railing there. Can you do that with yours? It seemed to make the transition smooth because it was her crib, but like a bed because she could climb in and out. She's also young so it may just take some time.