Tuesday, October 9, 2007

more updates

wow, what a bit of a stressful week we have had.
we had some testing done at our appt on monday and things looked pretty good ( baby movement and such )
my doctor gave us some options and decisions need to be made.
depending on how my appt goes on thursday ( baby stress test, fetal monitoring and fluid check ) we may either be going straight to the hospital or scheduling an induction for monday october 15.
i will be just starting my 37th week.
my fluids are at 7 cm right now and basically if they are at a 5, then we would be going to deliver the baby.
if all is well on thursday i can either set up the induction appt for monday ( knowing there is a chance the baby may be in the NICU for a few days to a week ) or i can wait and have another appt on monday to check everything and then decide to set up an appt . it is all going to happen within a few days of each other regardless.

we would be asking for your prayers for this to happen for our family:
thursday appt goes well, fluids are up to a 10, i could wait and not set up an induction appt. i would have appts next week to keep monitoring baby and then at 38 weeks ( oct 22 ) my body would naturally go into labor . baby wouldn't have to go into the NICU.

oh! and we thought callie had gotten the chicken pox over the weekend she broke out in a rash, but on monday's appt the said it was a reaction to her antibiotics from her ear infection. my poor little girl. good news now is no pox, and no rash!

thank you for all your thoughts and prayers during this time for our family.

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Julie said...

Praying for you, Lindsay!